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In My Feelings

We are all hard-wired with emotions. In a single day, you can encounter countless feelings. Accomplished from that promotion you got at work. Annoyed from the political post you read on Facebook. Relieved when that direct deposit hits. Frustrated with … Read More

Book Review: Creativity, Inc.

Book: Creativity, Inc.
Author: Ed Catmull

“My goal has never been to tell people how Pixar and Disney figured it all out but rather to show how we continue to figure it out, every hour, of every day.”

Creativity, Inc.Read More

SA Spots: Flower Vault

Gals, grab your girl gang or Instagram husband quick and make your way over to Flower Vault! It is a new pop up located in the Stone Oak area. It has five flower themed rooms that are sure to give … Read More

What Are You Speaking?

“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit— you choose.” Proverbs 18:21

Words can be kind or they can be cruel.

Words can either be encouraging or disheartening.

Words can be helpful or harmful.

Words have the ability … Read More

Book Review: Girls With Swords

Book: Girls With Swords
Author: Lisa Bevere

“Battles are the proving grounds of what you already have put into practice. Conflict has a way of testing the mettle of what was already tempered in your seasons of preparation.”

I have … Read More

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