We are all hard-wired with emotions. In a single day, you can encounter countless feelings. Accomplished from that promotion you got at work. Annoyed from the political post you read on Facebook. Relieved when that direct deposit hits. Frustrated with traffic. Confused when you didn’t get that text back 😩🙄. Happy to hear from that old friend. Sad from the news in our country.

With all of these emotions we feel from the people we interact with, situations we face, and just life in general, do you feel and move on or are you allowing them to dictate your life?

Living a life based off of your emotions can be a dangerous road to go down.

I think everyone is entitled to feel what they’re feeling in any given situation. I think it’s appropriate to take a moment, breathe, and let yourself take in those feelings. But the issue lies when you stay wrapped up in those emotions and let them govern you. When you allow them to take lead in your life. Once you let your feelings be your guide, it opens up a door to letting them dictate your actions, thoughts, and decisions. Everything you do starts to stem from what you are feeling.

The scary thing about emotions is that they are temporary. They come and go. Emotions are shaky ground to build your life off of because they aren’t reliable. You can feel one way, then at any given moment, have a change of heart and feel differently.

I don’t know if you can relate, but I constantly have to keep my emotions in check. I’ve allowed my emotions to rule me and get the best of me. In the past, I have let them set the course of my day and even be the root of my irrational decisions. Living on my feelings was draining and felt like a never-ending roller coaster. I was an emotional mess before I met Jesus. I had no Source, therefore, all I could do was go off of what “felt right to me” and I didn’t (and still don’t) always have the best judgement. I was easily offended and took things to heart. My break-ups were on another level. One bad day at work and I felt like I was done. When I was on the mountain top, life was great. But if I was in a valley, you knew it just by being around me.

God is full of emotions. We see it so many times in the Bible. He’s passionate, loving, caring. He also gets angry, jealous, sad, and experiences grief. Your feelings aren’t bad, but allowing them to lord over you can be troubling.

What I’ve learned is that by building my life on Jesus, I’m able to keep my emotions under control. By having a relationship with Him and letting His Word be my compass; I can rise above my feelings. I allow Jesus in my every day highs and lows. When I’m in a uncertain situation or not “feeling” my best, I don’t have to worry because I know He is in my corner and will lead me in the right direction. When everything seems to be going my way, I can celebrate with Him. Although our feelings are constantly changing, Jesus remains the same (Hebrews 3:8) and His Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11).

Do I have it altogether? No. Do I listen to The Weeknd when I want to be in my feels? Occasionally 🤭. Do I still act on emotions? Absolutely. But the key is that I am aware when I’m doing so and can make a decision in that moment to be “in my feelings” or allow God to intervene. My relationship with God allows me to think twice and His Word gives me perspective.

My prayer is that you (and I) would trust and lean into God’s understanding. He has our best interest when we may not know what that looks like because He knows every moment of our lives before we’ve lived it. (Psalm 139:16)