I had the honor of interviewing San Antonio’s First Lady, Erika Prosper Nirenberg! She is the sweetest, kindest person filled with so much insight and wisdom. We sat down, on behalf of Significant U, to discuss their organization, the importance of women building up other women, and not letting your environment stop you from achieving your dreams. Significant U is an organization in San Antonio that empowers young women through mentorship programs, outings, and a conference they hold once a year, called “Empowerment Conference”.  They serve as a catalyst for the next generation by being a voice that inspires conversations to empower action, sisterhood, and significance.

Within the organization, they have a line of jewelry, “Conversation Is Key”. Every time you purchase one of their necklaces, you support the mission of Significant U.

If you are interested in learning more about Significant U or want to purchase a necklace, head over to www.significantu.org.

Thank you so much to Significant U’s Director for organizing this interview, Sayther Creative for snapping some photos, and Avocado Creative for filming and editing the interview. I hope you enjoy the video!