Book: Switch On Your Brain
Author: Caroline Leaf

“You cannot sit back and wait to be happy and healthy and have a great thought life; you have to make the choice to make this happen. You have to choose to get rid of the toxic and get back in alignment with God.”

It has been a hot minute since I did a book review. Truth is, I actually struggled with finishing Switch On Your Brain. I started reading it back in June and just finished in September. It was a lot of information to devour, but the hard fact was I knew there was toxic thinking I was struggling with and was fighting to change. And when I say toxic, I mean just thinking more negatively than positively. Nothing severe, but according to author Dr. Caroline Leaf, “Science and Scripture both show that we are wired for love and optimism and so when we react by thinking negatively and making negative choices, the quality of our thinking suffers, which means the quality of our brain architecture suffers.” 


Switch On Your Brain discusses how our thinking affects us both physically and emotionally. Some people believe that our thoughts generate from our brain due to it containing our mental experience, but Dr. Leaf lands on the opposite spectrum. She believes our brain is what the mind does. Our brain does not control us, but we control our brain. All throughout the book, she backs up this theory through scientific research that aligns with Scripture. Because God created us with a free will, we have the power to choose. The choices we make, what we say, and what we do all stem from the thoughts we have been thinking. She goes on to explain how our thoughts have the power to alter the structure and function of our brain on every level for the better or worse with positive and negative thinking. After what seems like a lot of mind blowing information 🤯, the author breaks down her “21 Day Brain Detox Plan” that helps you renew your mind from toxic thinking. The detox is a 5 step strategy to replace whatever negative thought you have and replace it with a new, positive, Godly thought. We are our own brain surgeons. If we have the power to create toxicity, we have the power to reverse and replace those thoughts with what God says about us.


Although this book wasn’t an easy read, it was incredibly eye opening and I would recommend picking it up. What I loved so much about Switch On Your Brain was the constant reference to the scriptures of “renewing your mind” (Rom 12:2) and “taking every thought captive” (2 Cor 10:5) and how to actually put those into practice. This book has helped me to be more conscious of what thoughts I’m allowing myself to dwell on. The research she presented just made me think of how God created us in such detail and gave us everything we need to live the life He created us to live. If you tend to think negatively or are struggling with a memory or experience you just can’t get out of your head, please read this book. God did not create you to be a prisoner of your own mind. He can restore whatever you have faced or are facing. I have yet to start the “21-Day Brain Detox Plan”, but I intend on doing it soon.

Favorite Quote

(Renewing our mind, Romans 12:2) “This is a lifestyle that will bring us ever closer in alignment to our original design of perfection of being made in God’s image.”

I recently saw an interview with Dr. Caroline Leaf and Pastor Steven Furtick that I wanted to share with you. This interview was so fascinating and helped me understand our thought process that was discussed in the book a little bit better. If you’re on the fence about reading this book, please watch the interview below.