Book: Friend Of Sinners
Author: Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

“God cares about everyone, regardless of where they are on their journey; spiritually mature or seeker, devout or in doubt, religious or simply curious.”

I was so excited to read Friend Of Sinners for the month of April. I have been following Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. and the journey of his church, Vous, since the beginning. Not only do I enjoy hearing him preach through podcast all the way from Texas, but have had the pleasure of meeting him through my sister who attends Vous College.


Friend Of Sinners, in essence, is about having a relationship with Jesus. Jesus loves us and desires to be in relationship with us. As we begin a relationship with Jesus, a change starts to happen as we grow closer to Him. The book is divided into three parts: who Jesus is and His message, what His heart beats for, and the mandate He’s entrusted to those who say yes to following Him. Wilkerson talks about how Jesus was often persecuted for hanging out with “sinners”, but that was His mission all along, to save the lost. As followers of Jesus, it is our calling to do the same. We live in a broken world with hurting people. Before Christ, we were lost and hurting too. Jesus calls every follower to share His love and grace with hurting people so they too can experience the hope He brings. We are the carriers of the message and that message is Jesus.


This was such a great read! What I loved so much about the book is that it doesn’t matter where you are in your journey with Jesus or if you know Him at all, you can relate to what Wilkerson is writing. I’ve been in a relationship with Jesus for six years now and it can be so easy to get caught up in “self” and your “walk in Christianity” and your “problems” and your “calling” that we can lose sight for a quick second of what it’s all about.  I feel like this book is fundamental for any new believer in the faith, but a great reminder and rekindling of the fire to those already on the journey. When you read the book, it feels more like a conversation rather than a bunch of information. Wilkerson keeps it light-hearted with his personal stories, but at the same time, you can read his passion through the book. Overall, I loved this book. Pretty sure the majority of it is underlined. 😂 I recommend Friend Of Sinners to anyone who is interested in learning more about Jesus and to anyone who already has a relationship with Him.

Favorite Quote

“Passion is a product of knowledge and experience. The more you know Jesus, the more you understand what he’s done for you, and the more you realize how much he can do for hurting people around you, the more motivated you will be to make yourself uncomfortable so others can be comforted.”