Book: Chasing Daylight
Author: Erwin McManus

“Every moment is priceless, unique, and unrepeatable. And within the countless numbers that make up our lives, there are divine opportunities awaiting us.”

About a month or two ago, I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning and just felt so restless. When that happens, I usually throw on a sermon podcast. I saw that Pastor Erwin, of Mosaic, had just started a new series, Chasing Daylight. The series was based off the book, Seize the Divine Moment, he wrote years ago and has since been renamed. What I was hoping would help me doze off (sorry, but God’s Word is just so peaceful 😉), kept me up for another hour just soaking in every word he was preaching. The next day I texted my friend Judy to: one, tell her about the podcast, but two, for her to order this book for me asap off her Prime account 😂 This book could not come at a better season of my life.


When we say yes to following Jesus, He invites us on a life-long adventure. There are uncertainties that come with this journey, but one thing we can be certain of is the unchanging character of who God is. As we’re living and moving with God, there are opportunities and divine moments we encounter. When we say yes to these opportunities and step into these divine moments,  miracles can take place, lives can be changed, callings are fulfilled. Chasing Daylight is about living the one life we’ve been given to the fullest through the passions and dreams God has given us. Doing so, requires faith and complete reliance on God. The adventure God calls us on is one that isn’t watched from the sidelines, but is active and constantly moving forward. McManus refers to this as the “Jonathan Factor”. Throughout the book, he continually tells the story of when Jonathan and his armor bearer went to battle with the Philistines. Jonathan’s character and act of obedience led him into a divine moment. If we want to live the life that God created us for we must take initiative, trust God in the uncertainties, be smart in the choices we make, take risks, and know that we’ll face opposition, but it’ll be so worth it.


Hands down, one of my favorite books I have read this year. It was life-changing and set a fire in me to put my God Dream in motion. McManus says, “When we are passionate about God, we can trust our passions.” I have been sitting on this dream for so long, but didn’t know how I could make it become a reality due to lack of resources, confidence, and really putting limitations on myself. But this book encouraged me to push pass my fears and go. I’ll never know what’s on the other side of the door until I start moving. As long as I’m actively pursuing God, He’ll lead my footsteps in divine direction. It was also thought provoking. How many moments did I not seize? How many opportunities did I let slip by? Am I doing my absolute best and soaking in everything out of this season to move into the next? It was a lot of heavy self-reflection, but necessary to be better and grow into the person God is shaping me into. HIGHLY recommend this book.

Favorite Quote

“I am convinced the great tragedy is not the sins that we commit, but the life that we fail to live. You cannot follow God in neutral. God has created you to do something.”