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Savage is a commonly used term our society has adapted to describe when someone does not care about their actions, seeks revenge, and is pretty much down right ruthless. Savagery usually stems when a person has wronged you,  mistreated you, … Read More

Book Review: Fierce Faith

Book: Fierce Faith
Author: Alli Worthington

“Fear doesn’t have to stem from some catastrophic event that cripples us. Fear often stems from small worries and anxiety that build up over time, eventually shutting us down or causing us to explode.”Read More

Keeping the Faith (Interview with my Mom)

I married my high school sweetheart at the age of 19 and no one told us how much work marriage would take. I assumed since we both went to church, attended youth, seemed like he loved God, that this was … Read More

Book Review: Friend Of Sinners

Book: Friend Of Sinners
Author: Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

“God cares about everyone, regardless of where they are on their journey; spiritually mature or seeker, devout or in doubt, religious or simply curious.”

I was so excited to read Friend Of Read More

In My Feelings

We are all hard-wired with emotions. In a single day, you can encounter countless feelings. Accomplished from that promotion you got at work. Annoyed from the political post you read on Facebook. Relieved when that direct deposit hits. Frustrated with … Read More

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